The Law Offices of Michael P. Gerace


The Law Office of Michael P. Gerace is a full service law firm dedicated to the zealous representation of clients throughout Worcester County and Massachusetts. Our practice areas include criminal defense, appeals (criminal, civil and administrative), personal injury, landlord tenant law (eviction), and civil litigation. Ever conscious of the many questions and concerns people have when facing a criminal charge or suffering from a personal injury, we provide a free initial consultation to assess your best options.

Finding the right lawyer to represent you, whether for a case in the Worcester area or in other parts of Massachusetts, is imperative to your case. You can trust Attorney Gerace to handle your case aggressively and with dedication. Attorney Gerace works closely with clients, always keeping them informed of what is going on, and likes to find the best issues of legal merit that exist in a case and then pursue the case with zeal.



An injury done to you by the negligence of someone else can be devastating and costly. This is true whether you had a car accident, a slip and fall, a dog bite or another harm caused you by someone else’s negligence, whether done by a person or a business. Aside from physical harm and the pain and suffering that go with it, you may also experience damage to your property, lost wages because of time out of work, medical bills, interruption in educational plans, and an overall change in the quality of your life. We can help.


Are you unhappy with the outcome of a recent trial or legal dispute? In some cases, you may be able to appeal a decision that didn’t work out in your favor, whether the decision made by a court or by an administrative agency (such as the Registry of Motor Vehicles or the Firearms Licensing Review Board). If you pleaded guilty to a crime and now believe that you should not have done this, there may also be a post-conviction remedy available to you as well. Give us a call today!


If you are charged with a crime, whether it is drunk driving (OUI or DUI), a crime of violence, or a drug or gun charge, protect yourself with an experienced lawyer who understands what is really at stake for you. A criminal conviction has numerous consequences for a person. That’s why an aggressive defense is crucial. Attorney Gerace has defended clients charged with crimes throughout Massachusetts. He will fight aggressively to get you the best outcome the facts and the law allow.


Are you a land lord who needs help getting a bad tenant out of your building? Is a tenant making claims against you that are simply untrue while refusing to pay the rent? Or, are you a tenant being evicted from your home? Do you live in a “disaster zone” building, where the land lord demands rent and does nothing to fix the place? If you’re in the middle of a landlord/tenant dispute or an eviction proceeding, I can help. I have helped people on both sides of these disputes and can help you get an effective resolution to the problem.