Landlord Tenant Law


Many different problems can happen between a land lord and a tenant and removing a problem tenant can be a long and taxing process. Attorney Gerace has helped land lords across an array of issues, including evictions, damage to property, and leases.

For land lords, failure to follow the law can create vulnerability to long-term headaches, higher expenses and income loss. Improper notice to tenants, faulty leases that leave you open to problems later, accumulated code problems and, especially, not handling a problem tenant correctly are all too common.

Notices to Quit and Summary Process Evictions are often required to remove troublesome tenants. While the commencement of the eviction process may prompt some tenants to cure the problem, others persist in default and ignore their agreements with you. I bring cases through the court system to obtain Judgments and Executions for rent and possession of the premises. I’ll pursue unpaid rent and, if necessary, coordinate a physical eviction. You’ll get experienced, cost effective, representation.

If you are facing the problem of having to evict a tenant from a unit, then it will help you to gather all the information you can. This includes rental receipts and other records for rent, records of the security deposit (if one was collected), a copy of the lease agreement, photographic evidence of the apartment, inspectional reports on code violations, receipts for any repair work done, and any police reports.


Services We Provide:

Draft Rental Leases

Fight unjust evictions

Uphold tenants’ rights against discrimination

Resolve landlord-tenant disputes

Demand return of security deposits that have been unfairly held

Maintain integrity and profitability of properties

Evict nonpaying or irresponsible tenants

Collect from nonpaying tenants