Criminal Defense


If you are charged with a crime, whether drunk driving (OUI/DUI), a crime of violence, a crime against property or any other offense, you need legal advice. Protect yourself with an experienced lawyer who understands what’s at stake for you. Attorney Gerace has aggressively defended clients throughout the state and in the Worcester area charged with crimes and will do the same for you.

Some of the crimes we handle include:

  • Drunk driving (OUI/DUI) or Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol of Drugs
  • Drug offenses (possession, possession with intent to distribute, trafficking)
  • Gun crimes (possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition)
  • Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Failure to Register, Sex Offender
  • Larceny
  • Shoplifting
  • Forgery and Uttering
  • Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
  • Operating After Suspension
  • Violation of Restraining Order (209A) or Harassment Prevention Order (258E)
  • Clerk Magistrate Hearings

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We Can Help You With:

Clerk’s Hearings

Drug Crimes

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent

258E Harassment Prevention Orders


OUI/DUI (Drunk Driving)

Assault & Battery

  • Assault & Battery with a dangerous weapon
  • Domestic Assault & Battery

Breaking & Entering

Probation Violations

Violent Crimes

209A Restraining Orders


Recent Criminal Cases

Recent Criminal Cases

Commonweath v. KS

This was a jury trial in Worcester District Court for domestic violence charges, where the client was found not guilty on both counts . I defended the mother, who was accused by her children. The accusations arose in the context of a bitter divocrce and the jury either thought that parental discipline justified the alleged conduct or they did not believe the claims at all–a prospect made pssible by the cynicism of one of the chidren on the witness stand (yes, kids can be tactical too).

Commonwealth v. AC

This was an OUI drunk driving case in the Fitchburg District Court. My client (the defendant) was in the passenger seat of a car that drove past a cop in Clinton, MA, who was driving in the opposite direction in his cruiser. The cop, who suspected that the defendant in the passenger seat was involved in a drunk driving accident in a different vehicle hours earlier, turned the cruiser around, pursued the vehicle, and pulled it over. The defendant was arrested on the spot. The cop’s reason for pulling the vehicle over had nothing to do with my client in the passenger seat nor were his reasons, alone, legally sufficient. A motion to suppress evidence from a bad traffic stop was allowed and the case was dismissed.

Commonwealth v. JC

OUI drunk driving case in Worcester District Court. I filed a motion to dismiss all counts in the case on grounds of mistaken identity (which was true, if you can believe that such a thing could happen in a drunk driving case!). The prosecutor could not resist. On the date of the motion hearing, however, the prosecutor had nol prossed the matter, I suppose to prevent the judge from deciding on the motion itself. The matter was dismissed.

Commonwealth v. DH

This was a Fitchburg District Court case where the defendant was charged with assault and battery, along with a co-defendant. We prepared the matter for trial and brought it up to trial day, when then victim failed to show. The court still would not dismiss the matter, however, so we came back a second day for trial and the alleged victim failed to show up again. Still no dismissal! Finally, after coming back for a third time on trial day and ready for trial, the victim was still absent and we got a dismissal.

Commonwealth v. SA

This was a Clinton District Court case where the defendant was held on a fugitive complaint out of Texas. Though he was in the hospital and confined to a bed or, if he had to move, a wheelchair, the judge still gave him a $25,000 bail! After trying for quite a long time to get the prosecutor in Texas to cut this guy a break, given his medical condition and the trivial nature of their complaint against him, they strung me along for quite a while and then refused my request. So, once the defendant hit his 90 day date of being held, I got the matter dismissed outright an he was cut loose.

Commonwealth v. BD

This was a probation matter in the Worcester Superior Court. The client had been on probation on a large criminal matter for many years and was charged with being in violation of probation. After some wrangling with the probation department, I got their cooperation (given how long the client had been on probation—over 10 years), and got the court to terminate the probation permanently. All remaining money owed was also terminated. The client was cut loose and that ended the matter.

LC v. RM

This was a case of multiple harassment prevention complaints against my client (RM) by a neighbor (LC) and her tenant in the same building. Both had come after RM to get the orders against him. There had been a lot of problems back and forth. Meanwhile, we had filed harassment prevention orders against both LC and her tenant, and for very good reason. After 4 hearings, 3 in Worcester Superior Court and one in Worcester District Court, both LC and her tenant were denied harassment protection orders and my client (RM) was granted harassment protection orders against both LC and her tenant.